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  • Tools

    • Test probe

      MH40106 - Test Probe

      Constructed with two sharp needles and a self-contained light bulb, the test probe can be used at any point along a conductive tape run for electrical testing or finding a tape run under wallpaper. Simply push the needles into the copper strips and, if...

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    • Cir-Kit test probe shown on white background Cir-Kit test probe shown on blue background

      CK204 - Test Probe

      This unique tool eliminates forever the need for making your own electrical tester. Constructed with two sharp needles and a self-contained light bulb, the CK204 Test Probe can be used at any point along a conductive tape run for electrical testing or...

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    • CK1044 - Awl

      CK1044 - Awl

      This tool has been designed specifically for placement of the CK1023 eyelet series. The awl is first used to make starter (or pilot) holes where eyelets are desired. The eyelet is then slipped over the awl insertion pin and pushed into place. It provides...

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    • BamBam shown with grommets/eyelets (sold separately)

      CR2S700 - BamBam

      The spring tool, BamBam, simplifies the insertion of large grommets for dollhouse wiring! This tool eliminates the need for small brads or small grommets for tapewire connections. BamBam has a center punch on one end and a pin of the other designed to...

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    • 9V Tester w/Lead Clips (CR2S719)

      9V Tester w/Lead Clips

      The perfect tester to keep in your dollhouse wiring toolbox. It is a simple unit using a 9-volt battery with two hooked clips. Great to see if the lamps and chandeliers you purchase really work before attempting to install them. Battery not included.

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