About Us

Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures is an e-commerce shop specializing in a unique hobby that appeals to any age or gender.  We help our customers bring magic to life through dollhouses and miniatures.  We believe that building a child's dollhouse, developing an adult hobby, or creating a family heirloom provides hours of fun to everyone no matter how they participate.  Dollhouses and miniatures allow the child, designer, builder, or dreamer to come out of all of us.  

Through miniatures you can develop a new appreciation for everyday objects and miniscule craftsmanship.  We promise to do our very best to help you choose the dollhouse or miniature experience that's right for you!  From selecting, to building, to wiring, to decorating, we offer guidance and support in all areas of the dollhouse hobby.  We make recommendations, offer guidance and support, and often just share the pure joy of your accomplishments.

While we are now a online only catalog of dollhouse miniature products, Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures has been serving customers as a brick and mortar full-service company since 1992 and we want to be sure you enjoy this wonderful hobby as much as we do!  We have years of experience that helps us provide you with the best service the Internet can offer.  We invite you to visit us online at www.jeepersminiatures.com, call 812-597-4346, or email info@jeepersminiatures.com so that we may serve your dollhouse miniature needs today! 

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