What is Magic Systems®?

Magic Systems® is a quick and easy method for installing brick, stone, stucco, block or slate to dollhouses and miniatures. Magic Systems® products are available in 1" and 1/2" scale. Each Magic Systems® kit includes a bag of dry powder mix, either white or red; a roll of adhesive-backed tape with the specific pattern cut into it like a stencil (except Magic Stucco, which does not require tape); and complete instructions. All you need to add is a little water. We also suggest you add a little clear drying craft glue such as Weldbond or Aleene's for extra durability. Be sure to remove the stencil before the mixture dries! Humidity will determine how quickly Magic Systems products dry, but you will notice the shine from the moisture content diminish as it dries. Use your judgement as to when you should remove the tape, but don't wait until it is completely dried. We suggest you do a practice run using a small amount of your mixture, tape and scrap wood first to get a feel for the product.

How Do I Use Magic Systems® Products?
What Can I Do With Magic Systems® Products?    

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