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  • One of a Kind (OOAK)

    From simple handmade afghans to stunning artisan miniature dolls, select from an assortment of dollhouse collectibles at Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures. OOAK miniatures are exactly that ... One Of A Kind.  Generally speaking any item found in this section of our website will not be replicated exactly as seen here.  You may see others that are similar, but there will always be a difference.  Typically, one of a kind items are often signed and dated as well.  Whenever possible, we will try to include photographs of the signature or artist marks and date.  

    • SALE
      Dollhouse Miniature Birdhouse Bed (UFN0815)

      UFN0815 - Birdhouse Bed

      One-inch (1:12) scale dollhouse miniature fully dressed double bed with fence-post foot and headboard accentuated with birdhouse posts and country quilt style bedding trimmed in laces.  Approximately 5" wide by 6-1/2" long by 4" tall (at headboard)...

      Was: $119.99
      Now: $79.00
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    • SALE
      Barber Back Bar Barber Back Bar

      Barber Back Bar

      Beautiful handcrafted barber back bar with accessories by Nancy's Millinery is 10" wide by 7-5/8" high by 1-3/4" deep. Accessories on this one-inch scale mirrored oak bar include an Ever-Ready safety razor advertising sign clock, towels, scissors, glass...

      Was: $350.00
      Now: $185.00
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    • Navajo Woman

      Navajo Woman

      Sculpture of a Navaho Woman by Little White Dove is a stunning one-inch scale dollhouse miniature masterpiece that captures the essence of a the Southwest and American Indian. Overall height is 1-1/4 inches. Signed.

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    • SALE
      Double Bed

      Double Bed

      Unique one-inch scale double bed with embossed leather headboard, pillows and bedspread by Gale's Indian Arts. The chocolate brown leather fabric features a southwestern or Indian motif. Overall dimensions of the bed are 4-1/2" wide by 6-1/2" long by...

      Was: $250.00
      Now: $200.00
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