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Choosing a Dollhouse

Posted by Cheryl Ufnowski on

The Wonderful World of Miniatures

Miniatures is the most fascinating hobby/art to which we have ever been exposed! It is creative, challenging, entertaining, fulfilling, and fun! We at Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures are committed to assisting those people who wish to become involved with miniatures, whether it is in obtaining a dollhouse for a child for play and creative learning or for an adult who is interested in miniatures as a hobby or collector of fine pieces of miniature art. To that end, we will be offering a few thoughts to keep in mind as you get started.

Fundamental Facts

Basic Styles

There are two basic styles of houses: Front Opening with walls on all four sides and at least one hinged wall; and the Traditional Back Opening, which has three walls with access at the back of the house. The back open style can be placed on a turntable if desired. Both styles have advantages and personal preference will guide your choice. And, of course, there are period design styles in each category! When choosing between a front or back opening model, keep in mind who will play with the dollhouse. Also, does the family have pets? Cats in particular love to crawl up into cosy little spaces like those offered in a dollhouse.

Construction Materials

Dollhouses can be made from a variety of woods. The less expensive houses tend to be made from thin woods or MDF. Better quality houses are generally made from plywood or hardwoods. The type of wood relates directly to durability and ease of construction. Beware that there are many types of dollhouses on the market. Some are designed to challenge one’s creativity. Others are intended for display only. But our favorites are those that can provide years of playful enjoyment for young and old alike. At Jeepers Miniatures you will find homes that we have found to be the most durable and playable. We look for kits that are the easiest to assemble. Because we personally love this hobby and wish to share our pleasure with others, we try to offer houses and kits that will bring you and your family the most enjoyment.When you purchase a house or kit from Jeepers Miniatures that is the beginning of a hopefully long-term relationship. We start by giving you free information sheets about your house and will continue to provide you with helpful information guides as you purchase electrical, shingling, and wallpapering supplies. This kind of service, you will find only at a full-service miniatures shop like Jeepers.

Commonly Asked Questions

Should I purchase a kit or a fully assembled dollhouse? The “right” choice depends on what best fits your needs. Some find great enjoyment from assembling a kit, while others aren’t interested in that phase, but are more interested in decorating the house. Fully assembled houses are only slightly more costly and may well be worth the peace of mind. In either case, you have ample opportunity to customize your house—from color choices to additions to interiors and exterior decorating styles.

Are there any other choices? Absolutely! Structures come in many forms: barns, gazebos, shops, lighthouses, room boxes, and vignettes, to name a few.

(Originally published Wednesday, February 20, 2008)

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