A Victorian Inspired Chrysnbon Bathroom

A Victorian Inspired Chrysnbon Bathroom

Posted by Cheryl Ufnowski (Jeepers Dollhouse Miniatures) on Aug 13th 2020

One of my favorite dollhouse miniature room kits is the Victorian Bathroom by Chrysnbon. The kit has all the components to create a six-piece bathroom that can be high Victorian, modernized for a contemporary setting, or nearly any period in between. The kit includes plastic components for:

  • Clawfoot Tub
  • High Tank Water Closet
  • Wall-Hung Lavatory Sink
  • Wall-Hung Medicine Cabinet w/Mirror
  • Heat Register/Radiator
  • Simple Stool

Some miniaturists are put off by the fact that this kit is comprised of plastic components, while others love the delicacy and detail resulting from the accuracy and scale afforded by the creation from plastic molds. Another plus, in my opinion to these kits is the fact that they are "Made in America" which with the exception of artisan and/or handcrafted items is generally lacking in the miniature world. With a little work, this wonderful kit can easily compete with the expensive porcelain or china bathrooms in 1:12 scale. Not to mention its versatility.

Two important things one must keep in mind when working with these kits is that there is some necessary preparation work and patience is a must.  Some key suggestions:  

  • Always (with any kit) confirm you you have all pieces
  • Read the instructions
  • Identify and familiarize yourself with the components
  • Remove any plating (some pieces have a silver plating to emulate metal)
  • Avoid getting paint on joints or points of glue contact (remove any excess paint before assembly)
  • Always dry fit first to confirm the proper connection and fit
  • Use water based stains and/or paints designed for plastics
  • Use glues and adhesives designed for use with plastics for assembly
  • Allow sufficient time for glue to set and fully cure before moving onto the next step

It had been some time since I last assembled the bathroom kit, so I decided it was time to do so again. For a little inspiration, I am including a picture of the bathroom fixtures in a finished room setting so you can see more than just the manufacturer's images and kit pieces prior to finishing and assembling. Click here for an Instagram picture that shows the scale of several pieces laid out on a cutting mat as I was prepping and painting parts.  While I did not paint any of the white components other than the radiator/register, I do know that many miniaturists use a high gloss white spray paint for plastics to achieve a wonderful porcelain finish.  My intent to was create a basic bath using a minimal amount of modification in this case.  I have also seen both the tub and the sink enclosed/encased in wood bases for a completely different look.  Imagine a bathroom with beadboard wainscotting and tub enclosure for example.  Please note that I don't recommend you consider this set if intended for child's play.  Much like a real life bathroom, the fixtures should be permanently set in place (at least the toilet and sink) as they are very delicate and will generally just topple over.  The fixtures also include many tiny pieces, specifically the faucets.  

In addition to the Victorian Bathroom, the roombox includes a walnut and black window by Majestic Mansions, China Blue Compliment wallpaper by Brodnax, WM34302 wall tile by World Model, hardwood flooring sheet CLA73104 by Classics that I stained using Minwax Olde Maple, and the bath accessory set by by Chrysnbon. I added a bit of privacy without covering up the wonderful window by stippling clear glass paint on the pane. I painted the brightly colored (too contemporary for this setting) toothbrushes with model paint for plastics. I'm still debating if I'm going to add any crown molding or lighting to the room at this point, but for now I'm loving the look.  Like most miniaturists I do tend to continually add to a setting. This one-inch (1:12) scale bathroom is about 7" by 7" square with a 10" ceiling height.  

Victorian Bathroom with Chrysnbon Kits

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